What is the ICT project?

The installation of telecommunications infrastructures project or ICT is a project carried out by a professional who design the installation of telecommunications in buildings, commercial activities and other buildings of the tertiary sector.

This project is necessary, so that the buildings have the entire necessary infrastructure to benefit of all the daily services such as internet, phone, television or radio.

In the administrative level, the ICT project is also necessary to conduct the construction permit request and later obtain the license of first occupation. With this project everyone, tenants or owners of a building can benefit from all the phone, internet, and digital terrestrial television services in their home or office. They will create a digital home with no owner permission needed, considering that all the installations are communal.


Who carries out the ICT project?


The telecommunications infrastructure project has to be carried out by a supervisor engineer, or an authorized telecommunications expert, like Torres & Trella Ingenieros.

In Torres & Trella Ingenieros we introduce, through the electronic register, the ICT Project and the certificate (if necessary) in the Ministry of industry, Energy and Tourism.

We must understand that, what we introduce before realizing the construction is a project and during the execution process will be necessary respecting the original idea to obtain the telecommunications certificate, but it is not always accomplished.  For this reason, we will carry out a modified project that has to be presented in the corresponding association, as previous step to the achievement of the license of first occupation.

When will be the ICT project carried out?

According to what indicates the clause 3 of the “Real Decreto 346/2011”, the ICT Project is applied to the property group that has accepted the horizontal ownership terms or for the one who is going to rent for more than one year.

The telecommunications infrastructure project must start during the phase of the architecture project and is usually introduced together with this one in the local government. Therefore, it won’t be possible carry out the construction works without the corresponding ICT Project.

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